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Automatic Gates

All Gates & Doors Can Help You Increase Your Home's Value And Security All At Once.

Did you know that a quality gate can increase your home value significantly? The benefits are multiple if you plan on staying at your current location, but if you plan on leaving your home many buyers see a home as more prestigious, attractive, and secure. The upgrade to automatic gates is as simple as a phone call and consultation to us at All Gates & Doors. And the upgrade on your asking price can be as much as $50,000 when you appraise your home for the market. Win-win while you live there and if you sell. We offer customization services if you want the Lone Star on your gate or a specific design in the steel. Or perhaps you want a particular color or material to compliment your home or security fence? We can install a gate system that looks amazing and unique to your property and taste.

Automatic gates by All Gates & Doors will make your arrival and exit from your home smooth, convenient, and regal. All you have to do is state what you need and choose the design options you prefer and we will make you wonder why you never upgraded to automatic gate installation before. A quality gate from us should last you decades and run smoothly time after time. If you do, after a long while of use, end up needing repairs or maintenance. We are skilled at installation, maintenance, and repair of automatic gates. We also install and repair garage doors so you can rely on us to upgrade the appearance and security of your home and property with the best service, technology, and materials on the market today.

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